5 essential tips to do SEO 2020

To rank your website higher on Google, the important work is to focus on SEO for your website.

Many features of SEO influence the ranking of a site.

However, here are the top 5 tips that you can notice to support your page and website to get over other competitors.

Top tips to do seo for a website

1. Understand intend of users

Search intent becomes more and more important. The closer the answers are, the better the ranking is for posts. What are the readers finding when they search on Google? You need to tell them correctly what they want to know.

2. Mobile index is important

A responsive website is a need in 2020. More people use a cell phone to check information. Your site must fit the habits of users’ mobile when reading. Format your content is easy to see on the mobile.

3. New fresh contents

You often need to update your content. Update your old content of posts is a good way to get higher on Google in 2020. The recent information is more correct than the old one. Google is smart enough to know when readers do not like your old posts.

4. Content needs long enough

Enough information telling a topic makes your readers understand the ideas clearly. The posts should mention enough information about at least one topic, so writing seo content from 750 – 1200 words is good for one post.

5. Writing for humans, not for Google

Focus on the readers more is to help your posts attracting. Do not use too many keywords that seem to spam for search engines and readers. Write naturally with the native tone.

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