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What's new in the WordPress and SEO Center

Speed up wordpress website

10 ways to speed up WordPress Website to get better load time.

After Google has changed the main core since May 2020, the download time becomes one...
start a new online business

9 steps to start a successful online business for beginners

Online business has become a growing trend nowadays, it offers opportunities to make money for...
understanding customer needs

Identify customer needs: survival of a new business

Understanding customer needs and expectations can push the new business going up quickly. To know...
json fqa to schema

Easy Json Shortcode for FQAs to Schema

Easy Json Shortcode helps you to structure Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to schema, which supports...
Web hosting server

Basic knowledge about web hosting server for beginners

What is a web hosting server? For the beginners, that is a common question to...
what is a domain name

What is a domain name? The beginner’s guide to own it

What is a domain name? This is the question of many beginners asking plenty of...
Online Marketing

9 rules to do online marketing successfully

Online marketing has become the trend of marketing skills for many years when the internet...
What is a blog

What is a blog and how is it different from a website?

One sunny day, I travel around the forums and Facebook to spend my free time....

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