The best email marketing services to find the right audience

Email marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective advertising methods until today.

Many startup entrepreneurs use email software to send emails to thousands of customers at the same time. This task saves a lot of time and effort for businesses.

These are the best email marketing services providing perfect campaigns.

1. Mailchimp

mailchimp is one of the pioneers in the field of email marketing. With easy-to-use features and settings, Mailchimp helps consumers save time and reach more customers.

Just register with any Gmail, users can use the mass email service on Mailchimp’s system.

However, Mailchimp has a spamming mode to prevent new accounts from spreading spam emails.

Mailchimp’s mailing system integrates with most of the popular systems: WooCommerce, Square, Shopify, Magento and PrestaShop software. At the same time, there are many tools to analyze and track readers’ interaction with the email sent, which helps users measure the effectiveness of a campaign.

Currently, Mailchimp allows creating free accounts with a storage limit of 2,000 emails, sending up to 10,000 emails in a month. If you want to extend the recipient’s emails, you need to upgrade to a paid plan, which has a variety of fees: $ 9.99, $ 14.99 and $ 299 for a month.

2. MailJet


Besides Mailchimp, the email delivery system is also preferred by many users.

MailJet is also quite simple to register and use. Inside its management section is the same as Mailchimp. Therefore, if you already know how to use Mailchimp and want more free email storage, MailJet will be a perfect choice.

Unlike MailChimp, MailJet does not limit the number of emails that can be stored, but the number of emails sent by day is limited. With the free account, users are sent 200 emails in a day.

In addition, MailJet also has paid plans for more emails sent during the day and more features when users upgrade.

Specifically, the $ 9.65 basic plan sends up to 30,000 emails in a month, with no limit to the number of emails per day. The $ 20.95 package is allowed to send the same number of emails as the basic package, but adds more features of customer segmentation and automatic marketing.

In particular, MailJet has a feature that allows setting up mailing systems according to the SMTP protocol quickly. This feature helps a lot of users using hosting that is limited to port 45 (especially for VPS and shared hosts) to send emails.

3. Sender

Sender Email Marketing is also a bright name in the free and paid auto-mailing marketing.

Like Mailchimp, Sender also has the ability to integrate with popular eCommerce software today. The Sender has a plugin compatible with Magento, PrestaShop and WooCommerce.

One feature better than Mailchimp is that Sender allows free accounts to store up to 2,500 customer emails, and send up to 15,000 emails monthly.

In particular, the Sender‘s free account includes all the features on the system such as paid accounts. So you can set a schedule to send emails, or group customers to send by the campaign.

However, a minus point of Sender is its system seems to be a bit heavy and not as fast as MailChimp. Therefore, when logging in, or creating campaigns in the system, it sometimes runs very long and hangs.

4. Omnisend

omnisend email marketing provides email service quite professionally. With a friendly interface design, you will easily register to use services on Omnisend’s system.

You can create ad campaigns very simply with available templates or customized as desired, building email content frame with quick drag and drop.

And of course, the report of each ad campaign is also clearly shown, helping you to measure the work. Reports can be set hourly, day or week. This is a nice highlight of Omnisend.

However, although Omnisend allows a free account, it can only be used for 14 days (trial period).  Ưith a period of 14 days, you can also send up to 15,000 emails, which can help you to conduct a few campaigns in the short term.

After the trial period, if you want to continue upgrading to a paid $ 16 per month plan with more features, but also limited to 15,000 emails per month. The special $ 99 / month package will include free SMS service (but limited).

5. Hubspot

hubsport email marketing software is a name that is no stranger to marketers for a long time. Along with professional services and support, Hubspot still stands firmly in many areas of online marketing, including email marketing.

For email marketing, Hubspot has drag-and-drop elements in the campaign management, such as headlines, text, images, so it’s pretty easy to design a beautiful newsletter template.

In general, Hubspot’s structure is similar to Mailchimp. At the same time, Hubspot having properties link with Mailchimp to import emails from Mailchimp account to Hubspot.

Like other email marketing services, Hubspot allows beginners to create free accounts to try out. With a free account, users are sent 2,000 emails per month, create 25 static lists, 5 smart lists, and review basic reports.

If you want to send more than the above number of emails, users need to upgrade to a paid plan, $ 50 for a month with more features. Despite the more features, the price above just for sending monthly emails is also relatively a high cost to starters. Therefore, you need to think twice when using Hubspot services.


Each email service company has its own strengths to survive in today’s competitive market.

Depending on the needs of your online business, you will find the correct provider for email marketing service that suits your campaign and purpose.

In all the above email marketing services, I always appreciate Mailchimp because of its ease of use, low price, and high quality. Typically, the free plan is very reasonable for beginners to try using email marketing campaigns for the first time.

How about you? Which supplier will you choose?

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