9 Common Mistakes In Hiring An SEO Agent For Your Website

seo hiring mistake

Do you want your website to rank to the top quickly?

Do you want to increase traffic to your website?

And you start investing in optimized work with the desire to bring results to your business.

However, SEO is not easy to do with the new business, sometime getting avoidable mistakes.

With over 5 years in the SEO field, I will show you these mistakes to avoid when you want to hire an agency or an individual to optimize your website.

Let’s start!

1. Mistakes from customers/tenants

1.1 Looking forward to quick results from doing SEO

In a competitive marketplace, everyone wants to achieve fast results for their business.

So, when it comes to website optimization, customers often have the mentality of expecting quick results. That is, their website promptly gets to the top of Google search with the keywords they want.

I assure you that, with that wish, investing in SEO is useless, it will backfire; sometimes, Google will rate backwards your website.

SEO work is a long-term strategy, 3 months, 6 months, sometimes a whole year to see results. Very slow, but when you achieve success, you easily step straight to a big win.

Don’t rush, step by step is my sincere advice after years of encountering many changes in SEO work.

1.2 Do SEO for less money

A lot of people mistakenly think that doing SEO costs little money. Thinking that it is because their website earns traffic and customers from search engines, especially Google, in a free and natural way.

However, to get high rankings, especially from 1 to 3, in the result pages from search intent of customers, it requires time and effort to optimize the website, along with building a good content strategy, also known as content marketing.

The cost for a specialized team in the field of SEO is not cheap, you usually have to spend about 15 – 50 USD for an employee to perform optimal work in an hour.

Somewhere, you can find someone who does the job of optimizing your website for a very cheap price, about half of that. However, be careful to hire a cheap staff with little understanding of SEO, because the quality of work and results can destroy your business. Sometimes, you hire another SEO specialist to fix the mistakes, it can be more expensive than you think.

1.3 Only domain authority rank (DA) is required

I used to have requirements to perform SEO to increase the DA ranking of clients’ websites. However, I refused immediately when they only focused on DA and didn’t care about organic search.

DA is very easy to do, only sometimes a few tricks of black SEO can bring the website to a high DA ranking right away.

Furthermore, DA alone has no value and cannot guarantee that the site will grow well as misunderstanding.

Let’s combine many factors to evaluate a good website when implementing an SEO strategy. Pay attention to traffic, bounce rate, time on page, number of pages viewed, and conversion rate.

1.4 Requires placing many links, images on the website, especially the main page

The next mistake is asking to put a lot of photos and links on the website to expect customers to like and click on when reading.

However, this will backfire, because it will mess up and reduce the page load speed if not handled well.

Except for images that describe the content, or it’s gallery page, too many images will reduce the power of the content. So, careful consideration must be given to creating a balance between content and images.

Especially, for the main page, if there are many images, along with dense links, it is the result of low ranking on the search engines.

Too many images and links on the main page reduce user experience because of the effect of page loading speed and poor navigation.

2. Error from SEO agent

Doing SEO can be seen as a risky game according to the preset rules of search engines, especially Google.

Typically, these rules are often not disclosed. Therefore, many SEO agents are confused and make unfortunate mistakes.

These are the mistakes that SEO agencies often make:

2.1 Doing SEO with too few posts

When doing an SEO project, especially SEO content, the website has too few posts. This causes there is not enough information, build internal links to create internal strength.

The blessing of content development will lead to the dead-end of implementing long-term SEO strategies for any website.

The reason is very clear, Google always insists that content is still king.

Therefore, the agency that wants to develop SEO for any website must do content SEO.

So, the SEO agency needs to closely coordinate with the content writing team to synchronize the SEO development strategy for the project.

2.2 Doing over-SEO causes damage

Executing the right SEO strategies is essential, but some shoddy SEO agencies overdo it. At that time, causing huge damage and difficult to fix the website in the long run.

What is over-SEO?

Over-SEO covers a lot of things, but here are the main points:

  • Poor quality backlinks
  • Too many backlinks to the same URL
  • Backlinks to the only homepage
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Use the text of the same color to make it invisible to the naked eye
  • Optimize titles and content for search engines only, causing unnatural text
  • Keep your eyes to avoid doing SEO without controlling.

2.3 Using too much technique

Technical SEO is one of the foundations for the development of other factors on the website, helping to increase rankings.

However, many agencies focus too much on technical aspects rather than the user experience, causing discomfort for readers. From there, Google will underestimate the website’s ranking.

When paying too much attention to technical SEO, some errors will arise such as:

  • using the wrong robot.txt file
  • the site structure is faulty causing some pages lying too deep
  • the main page navigates to too many subpages
  • manual sitemap creation
  • too many popups

2.4 Too many backlinks with poor quality

Building unnatural backlinks will have unfortunate consequences for your website that is focused on SEO.

In particular, recently Google has looked at a wide range of websites, across all languages, for spammy backlinks.

Many clients have requested from SEO agencies to build backlinks in large numbers which often happens.

For SEO agents with extensive knowledge, they will refuse, but for those who do SEO work just for the money and a client’s request, it is a serious mistake.

Surely, many backlinks are not good, even if the backlinks come from high-ranking websites. It is because what is a good backlink is still a controversial issue in the SEO world, and Google is always changing the way it views external links.

However, it is important to avoid explicit spammy links, including links in comments, links on sites that are unrelated to the content, links from sites with bad content, sharing too many URLs on social media comments…

2.5 Pay attention to optimizing the main page rather than the landing pages

The main page or homepage is indeed very important for a website.

However, focusing only on optimizing the main page will miss the opportunity to rank on Google with more diverse keywords, with more searching.

For SEO agencies who want to speed up work and deliver results to customers soon, they often focus on homepage optimization.

The reason, the main page is often easy to rank high for keywords related to the domain name, and usually these keywords with less competition. In particular, the main keyword is the name of the company or the customer’s brand.

It is a technique trick created by some SEO agents, misleading the ranking results to show it to customers.

If you only want to rank with company name or brand, doing SEO for the homepage is essential.

But if you want to implement an overall SEO strategy for all websites, consider how honest an SEO agent is when doing the job.

Have you ever hired an agency to do SEO for you?

Do you have any difficulty in hiring and implementing an SEO strategy for your website?

If you see I missed which point, please inform me!

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