How to increase traffic to your website effectively and sustainably

Attracting as many visitors to the website is an important goal, a premise to help businesses reach potential customers and open up many successful sales opportunities.

With the 5 effective ways to increase website traffic suggested below, I hope they can help your business attract more customers.

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I. How is website traffic?

1. What is website traffic or website visits?

Website traffic is understood as the visits to a website, thereby helping webmasters and search engine optimization specialists (or SEOers) know the number of customer visits to your website.

And of course, each site will have a different amount of traffic, depending on the topics and content that the website provides and reaches the user.

For example, news webs will have more traffic than online sales sites, or e-commerce websites will also have more traffic than single commercial websites.

2. Benefits of driving traffic to the website

Web traffic is one of the most important indicators that web owners or SEOers need to pay attention to. The goal you need to aim for is to find a way to increase visits, or in other words, to drive more and correct traffic to your sites.

Increasing visits will bring tons of benefits to your website:

  • Reach, expand the target audience and successfully convey your message, service, product to customers
  • Increase the credibility of your website and business
  • Contribute to increase website’s SEO ranking
  • Enhance the coverage of your business or product brand in the market
  • Increase the conversion rate, open up more sales opportunities on the website successfully

3. Classification of website traffic

Traffic to your website is classified based on many different sources. Here are the traffic metrics classified by the main sources you need to pay attention to:

  • Organic Traffic: is the visits to the website from organic search results on Google.
  • Paid search or display: includes visitors to your site through Google Adword advertising campaigns.
  • Direct Traffic: covers the amount of traffic that comes directly to the website and does not go through any other intermediary channels. Visitors enter the web URL link directly on browsers, visit caching web URL on the browser, or click on the saving website in a bookmark.
  • Social Traffic: includes user traffic coming from social networking sites, covering Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora…
  • Referral Traffic: means that visits to your website from other referring channels or other websites, through a backlink or website ads placed on referring pages.
  • Email: includes the traffic source from Email marketing channels that have your website link.

Thus, in order to increase the total traffic of users to your website, you can implement optimal solutions and increase traffic from each of the above specific sources.

Each website has valuable traffics coming from different sources, so you have to measure what is good for your site. However, for most websites, organic traffic takes the most important play in the visit source.

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II. Useful tips to increase website visits and drive traffic to the website effectively

Search engine optimization
SEO is one of good ways to increase traffic for a website.

1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Traffic coming from SEO is the source of natural traffic, also called organic traffic. In other words, it is the traffic of customers to your website through the query keywords that readers type in search tools, typically on Google.

When optimizing SEO effectively to fix search intent of readers, your website will be ranked higher on search engines, thereby helping to increase organic website visits.

To implement effective SEO plans, you first need to have an SEO standard website foundation, which means when you hire a professional website design company to build a website, you need to confirm the quality of SEO skills that the company can know.

However, if your website has run online, you need to hire an SEO specialist to fix the SEO foundation for your web before going to the next steps.

 After having a good website foundation, you can perform the following SEO optimization steps:

1.a. Research and choose a set of keywords:

Keyword research is the first step in a plan to boost website SEO rankings. Here are some tips for optimizing SEO keywords for your website:

– Choose keywords with high search volume from 500 per month

– Choose the keyword sets that are in the top trending of google trends

– Research competitor websites to find quality keyword sets that your website does not have yet by using Google Keyword Planner or others such as Ubersuggest

1.b. Provide useful content:

Once you’ve chosen a set of keywords, let’s immediately start producing useful content for the website.

For sales or e-commerce websites, before users make purchases on the page, they often look for information about products, usage tips, buying experiences, product reviews, etc. All of these make basic conversion decisions.

Therefore, focus on producing content with topics that provide useful information to customers, thereby helping to increase the reputation of the website, improving the chances of convincing customers to buy.

1.c. On-page SEO

On-page SEO factors need to be checked and optimized regularly to bring growth in rankings as well as organic website traffic.

You need to notice the following:

  • Keyword optimization, using keyword density in the article content, including keywords appearing in the title, meta description tag, heading tag, image alt, and content.
  • Optimize images for SEO standards, focusing on weight and alt texts.
  • Optimize user-friendly URLs, it is better with words or keywords of posts.
  • Internal links, at least one page is liked from another one.
  • Site structure, making the site have a good structure to be easier to navigate and crawled by Google.
  • HTTPS or SSL security certificate, some browsers do not run websites without HTTPS. So, you need to redirect http to https correctly.
  • Optimize page loading speed, fast downloading is one of the factors to rank your website higher on search engines.
  • Mobile-friendly

1.d. Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is a collection of ways to optimize out of websites, including backlinks, social network share for website’s URLs, marketing or ads campaigns. Off-page SEO campaigns are usually done after the website has been optimized for basic on-page SEO.

The value and ranking of your website, as well as website traffic, will increase significantly when backlinks on other quality websites pointing to your web. These quality backlinks help search engines, specifically Google, find and appreciate your site.

Thus, to implement effective SEO campaigns and increase website visits, you need to prepare and invest in the long-term in each specific stage.

However, do not worry, doing correct SEO will bring you long-term sustainable value and worth what you have to spend.

In addition to traffic coming from natural SEO, running ads is also an effective way to help you increase traffic to your website to find and reach potential customers.

Currently, Google Adwords, Twitter, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Tiktok are considered to be the most popular and potential advertising channels.

The cost of running ads will depend on different campaigns and platforms. However, for any platform, you also need to optimize your advertising campaigns effectively, allocate a reasonable budget, target the right audience, and build interesting advertising content.

Running advertising campaigns can get large of visits to websites.

3. Increase website visits through social media channels

Take advantage of social networking platforms to build an effective plan to increase website visits.

With your website, you can build and post your link content on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tiktok…

For starting, you need to create a big community system on social networks, offer user-friendly interactive themes and provide useful content for them. From there, you will easily win the sympathy and trust, and reputation of potential customers.

To build an effective social media community, you need to research and understand the habits of each target audience and choose the appropriate social channels that they often use.

The short guides to building a community system on social networks:

  • Research and analyze potential customers
  • Choose the right social networking platform for each group of customers
  • Create fan pages, groups,… corresponding to each social network and link them together that support each other
  • Determine the message and content you want to convey
  • Plan the campaigns of creating content creatively and post content on a fixed schedule frequency
  • Interact regularly with your customer community

In addition to sharing links that bring useful content from your website to your social community, you can cooperate with other large forums, fan pages, groups, communities in the same field or have a large amount of interaction so that you can market your article links. This effective way can increase traffic to your website from social networks.

4. Create Email Marketing campaigns to get more traffic to the website

Email marketing is one of the ways to increase traffic sustainably and professionally. If you do it right, it can bring you steady visits by loyal customers who really care about the content of your website.

To implement an effective email marketing strategy, you need to create emails with specific messages for each customer group on each campaign:

  • Email series provide useful information about expert knowledge, experience, skills, tips, use-guiding, etc.
  • Emails introduce promotions, coupons, and gift codes.
  • Direct emails tell about your products or services.
  • Invitation emails invite the guests to join events.
  • Customer-care emails after selling include Thank you, Suggest product review, Call the guests to come back to the website, Product suggestions, and maintenance support.

The next thing you need to do is to design very specific email forms for each email group:

  • Use beautiful, professional, easy-to-see email templates
  • Create email content that must convey the right information, which customers are interested in according to each campaign
  • Insert affiliate links to your website
  • Place attractive call-to-action buttons in emails

After scheduling to send emails by subject, don’t forget to follow the data statistics report page to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of each email marketing campaign you have run.

So, you need to choose the correct email marketing service to get all these features that help you see reports easily.

5. Keep your eyes on website analysis indicators and make appropriate optimization

Analysis is a need to look after increasing traffic to your website and business value.

It is a need to look at website analysis or web performance metrics by monitoring, measuring, collecting, analyzing, and reporting the traffic information, and other data for example bounce rate, country visits…

Using Google Analytics inserted in your site can give you most of this information, which is very useful for managing your SEO as well as business.

You can partially understand what customers are interested in which products or content on your website, where your website visitors mainly come from, how long they stay on your site, which pages or products they stop and see most, What time are the most active on the site….

Those analytics will help you understand the behavior and needs of customers on the site as well as the actual operation of the website.

So, the step to understand analytics or this information is indispensable work in the process of increasing website visits.

Only when you understand user behavior on the pages, know the strengths and weaknesses of your website, you find the correct optimal ways for each specific need quickly and effectively.

Besides using Google Analytics, you also need to check more Google Search Console, Similarweb, SEMrush… to get more details of your website and competitors’ sites.

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The above ways are useful to increase website visits and drive traffic to your website sustainably and effectively.

Hopefully, this information can support your website to get strong growth in tons of traffic per month, giving you more chances to develop your business.

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