How to save your website data without cpanel or FPT

Many ways can save your website to protect your data.

I show you – the beginner – the most easy way to download your website content without login your cpanel or FPT.

1. Login your wordpress website as normal

You have right as admin of your website and login at .

Please change is yours!

2. Naviage to Tools tab, and click to choose “Export”

export data tools

3. Choose what you want to export

Select All contents, then click on “Download Export file” button to download all information of your website.

You can select each part to download: posts, pages, or media. But, I recommend you to download all content when your website are not big.

Then, you will have a file .xml that is for you to keep a save place for restore it when needed.

4. Download photos

Install: “Export Media Library” plugin by typing this words on add new plugin to install.

export media library

Active this plugin.

5. Export Photos

Come to Media tab, and you will see “Export” tab. Click on it!

You should select:

  • Folder structure: Nested folders,
  • Compress: Yes.
  • Then Download zip.
download media file

Save this at the same place with .xml file of your content above for restore it later!

Please note that be care full with your media folder when it has too many photos or big data! You may want to save these photos on your computer when you upload them to the posts. If you do so, you may consider not to download the photo media when it is big.

This way to save data focuses on the content to protect. The themes and plugins are not downloaded, which you may save them seperate.

To restore it, it is a litle more difficult. You need to understand how to install wordpress platform and fpt. So, I think you need help from a wordpress developer or any know how to restore it.

The main issue here is to support you to protect your data. It is because no one can ensure your data is save with 100% on the internet.

About the author

Thom Ho

Mr. Thom has worked as an SEO specialist and WordPress developer, and he is on the list of the top 15% SEO workers in the world, tested by Linkedin in Nov 2020.