5 Best WordPress Hosting Providers To Run Your Website Smoothly

Choosing a web hosting is extremely important for launching a WordPress website. In addition to the need to store data on the internet, good WordPress hosting also enhances SEO capabilities and increases customers’ experience.

wordpress hoting providers

First of all, we recommend that you do not use any free hosting for your business. Free WordPress hosting is just for learning and practicing WordPress. You will ruin your business by using free hosting.

Here are the best WordPress hosting providers for small businesses based on price, page load speed, uptime, security, and support.

5 Best WordPress Hosting Providers

SpeedVery goodExellentVery goodVery goodExcellent
Free SSLYesYesYesOpionalYes
Cloud HostingYesNoNoNoNo
Money back30 days30 days45 daysNoYes

Here are the detailed reviews of the best hosting suppliers for WordPress websites.


sectorlink wordpress hosting
  • Price: from 4.47 USD / month
  • Guarantee: 30-day money back
  • Uptime: 99.95%
  • Support: 24/7 live chat, and ticket support
  • WordPress hosting: Yes
  • SSL: Free SSL (Let’s Encrypt)
  • Website: www.sectorlink.com

This hosting supplier is a new name for many users, but in fact, it has been since 2000. Maybe it does not have a loud advertisement, so few people know it. Yet this hosting provider is a place I trust to save a lot of WordPress websites.

The point I like the most about this supplier is that the shared hosting package with boat Windows and Linux Host. Also, Sectorlink is configured with real cloud because I used to have experience with a number of providers, they advertise as cloud hosts, but when using shared hosting, it is not real cloud hosting.

Sectorlink provides an admin panel that is very simple to use. In the control panel, we see different servers with different IPs. This feature is the configuration of the real cloud.

At the same time, emails are stored separately on other servers. This is much better than other providers, as they host the emails on the same server and IP. When hosting emails on the same server with websites, this proof shows that they do not allow users to use cloud hosting.

In particular, the shared hosting packages in Sectorlink have a very large capacity, up to 50G for a website, and unlimited bandwidth.


siteground wordpress hosting
  • Price: from 6.99 USD / month
  • Guarantee: 30-day money back
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Support: 24/7 live chat, and ticket support
  • WordPress hosting: Yes
  • SSL: Free SSL
  • Website: siteground.com

Siteground is a well-known name in the field of hosting suppliers for individual consumers, including WordPress hosting. Siteground is no stranger to many users when the rate of staying with Siteground is very high compared to other providers.

Regarding the ability to support is assessed as quite good, fast, enthusiastic. User satisfaction is always at a high level, maintained from 98%. The support team to solve problems in Siteground just one chat is good. The support is one of the highlights of Siteground to retain customers.

Another highlight of Siteground is that the page load speed is fast for WordPress sites. Siteground is also the official place recommended by wordpress.org and Syed Balki of wpbeginner.com. All server systems use the new SSD technology drives to help maximize web page loading speed.

Currently, they host over 2,000,000 domains, proving that many users trust them. With the efforts of the Siteground team, that is the reward they deserve.

The minus point of Siteground is that the smallest shared hosting package StartUp getting a high price compared to the general rate, but the storage capacity is small, only 10 GB. With this capacity, it will be enough for those who have just started to use WordPress.


fastcomet wordpress hosting
  • Price: from 2.95 USD / month
  • Guarantee: 45-day money back
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Support: 24/7 live chat, and ticket support
  • WordPress hosting: Yes
  • SSL: Free SSL (Let’s Encrypt)
  • Website: fastcomet.com

Fastcomet is one of the prominent shared hosting providers. Compared to the providers above, Fastcomet is a new member, appearing from 2015 up to now.

However, thanks to its sustainable promotion and development strategy, Fastcomet has a good position in the world of hosting providers for individual users. Of course, Fastcomet’s WordPress host has also met the hosting needs of the majority of users.

The highlight of Fastcomet is that the price of WordPress hosting is not higher than other platform hosting packages, and can be the lowest among WordPress hosting providers. The price is only from 2.95 USD / month.

With the support, I am very impressed with the agility of Fastcomet’s support team. Compared to other providers, Fastcomet has much better support for answering help. You can see immediately upon entering Fastcomet’s website. After only a few seconds, there is a support staff always waiting for you.

It seems that thanks to its later advent, Fastcomet takes advantage of the most advanced technologies to host the WordPress web. The storage disk system uses SSD technology to increase query speed. At the same time, Fastcomet hosting uses Autominify, Aggressive GZIP, and Cloudflare CDN Catching that helps maximize the page loading speed.

If you are a beginner to WordPress, need good hosting at an affordable price, and want to use Cpanel hosting for WordPress, you can check Fastcomet.

Vultr VPS

  • Price: from 2.5 USD / month (only in US), from 5USD / month (others)
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Guarantee: no money back, but get free credit
  • Support: ticket support
  • WordPress storage: Yes
  • Website: vultr.com

Vultr is one of the top leading VPS providers in the world today. With server systems using SSDs spread across different continents (17 locations) creates diverse choices for users. I also love using Vultr’s VPS hosting.

VPS is the continuation of shared hosting when you have a higher need for website hosts. With Vultr, it is easy to create an account and deploy a VPS very quickly and simply. Just a few clicks, you can create and own VPS anywhere, such as in Australia, Singapore, Germany, Spain, British, or American.

However, VPS does not seem to be for the beginners to learn about hosting, nor for newbies to WordPress. It is because you must install the appropriate software to create an environment conducive to website installation and management, which will allow your sites to run smoothly. To do that, you can see the instructions to install Vestacp for VPS.

One strong point of Vultr may make you difficult to go elsewhere once you use it, and it is easy to start up more servers.

However, in terms of support, Vultr is slow to respond to requests. This is an unfortunate minus point for Vultr. Despite that, in general, Vultr is still ranked among the top VPS providers in the world so far.


cloudways wordpress hosting
  • Price: from 10 USD / month
  • Guarantee: Money back if things do not work or you are not happy.
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Support: ticket support
  • WordPress storage: Yes
  • Website: Cloudways.com

Cloudways is the development of VPS. This thing means that the hosting on Cloudways bases on the platforms of popular VPS providers, such as Vultr, Ocean Ditigila, Linode, AWS, Google Cloud. Deploying VPSs from these vendors, Cloudways installs the necessary software to run and manage websites.

Therefore, Cloudways is one of the perfect options for those who want to use VPS without any experience in installing and managing VPS. Cloudways will play the role of VPS manager, helping to install the software and optimize the system for maximum website speed.

However, the price of Cloudways is not low compared to some other hosting suppliers. Usually, the price leans on the rate of each VPS provider, and Cloudways doubles it based on that one. So, Cloudways is not an economical option for users finding low-cost VPS.

In terms of support, Cloudways also owns a good support team when they are always ready to chat for help.

In short, if you want a good VPS that you do not want to manage, or you want to spend time on developing your website and business, then Cloudways will be worth the money.


Depending on the needs of each person and the strategy of website development and the future business, you will choose the right hosting provider.

For beginners who do not know anything about hosting, I recommend that you select Sectorlink, which is the easiest hosting to use.

If you want the most cost savings and the best support, then checking Fastcomet is a reasonable choice.

If you want to use VPS, but without any experience in installing and managing VPS, choose Cloudways.

Vultr and Siteground also have many advantages in the field of hosting providers. But Siteground’s price is a bit high compared to a beginner. Although Vultr has good technology and platform for VPS, it is difficult for those who have just started hosting management.

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