The tips for writing correct SEO content to push up your website

Are you finding a good method to write better SEO content? Develop your writing skills to fix the search engine optimization with some tips below.

Although you like SEO or not, it is still important to gain traffics to your website. Without SEO, your posts disappear in the eyes of researchers. This causes fewer views, meaning you have a few customers.

That is the reason many companies spend a lot of budgets to do SEO in content. A good topic is not sure your articles will come up with the first result of the search engine page.

Writing content for Seo ranking

Although SEO also requests your efforts and time, luckily here are easy tips that you can use to lead the content to rank better.

1. Write content focusing on the readers

Many people think they need to produce content for search engines to attract more viewers. This thinking is not true because Google shows the results base on the search intent of users when they type on the search tool.

Writing the right content that people search for is much better than typical content, but nobody wants it.

This tip is the number one that you should notice when starting writing any articles. To have good SEO content and fix what the people want, you need to write the full answers for the questions or issues that the audience wants to see.

2. Keep your niche less as possible

Your blog should not cover too many fields. You should focus on a few niches you are expert. It means that you do not tell about healths and WordPress skills on the same blogs. So, your posts have to give a clearer answer and better ideas.

The proof is that the website deleted thousands of posts and divided into many smaller fields: one website for health, one for travel, another for food… And, as a result, they gain millions of traffic per month to become one of the successful marketing channels.

For me, this web also focuses on two big topics: website skills and online business. Then, I write all about: WordPress website, starting a WordPress website, hosting to run a web, skills to choose a good domain, SEO skills to rank posts better on Google…. And the topic of business is that the experiences that I had run my own business and organize marketing it on the internet.

3. Write an article title in an interesting way and good SEO skill

Many readers just skim through the title of the article to find out what is interesting and engaging. If they do not find anything new and exciting, they will leave your post immediately, never click the link to open the article.

So, with the many different articles appearing in bulk on google search or the category pages of your site, you need to make your title different and provide the right information that readers need.

Writing a title is an art, with a little skill to entice readers. A simple way to do it is with the formula: nouns describing products/services + verbs or adjectives that indicate feelings or fun, causing curiosity = catchy titles.

For example, this is a common title: Write articles following SEO skills. You can change it into a curious one: 5 secret methods to write an article to improve SEO performance.

4. Use keywords diversely and naturally

Keywords are essential for search rankings to appear higher in the Google search result pages. This is a big matter of concern for those who write SEO content articles.

You need to note the keyword of the article should appear in the title and the content. However, keywords must be used naturally, avoiding stuffing that will make it difficult for readers. Google also dislikes the keywords that appear too much in the content.

Therefore, you have to balance using the right amount of keywords and add different variations by using synonyms to express the content.

The ideal ratio of keywords appearing 1-2 for 200 percent of the content of a post. Meaning that if an article has 500 words, the keyword performs 2-4 times; with a content of 1000 words, the keyword acts to be around 5 – 10 times.

5. Organize the structure of the article harmoniously

Articles will be broken if you do not organize well to lead readers. No matter how good your content is, your writing needs to be well organized for skimming. Because so many people, including myself, rarely read every single word of an article unless it really needs for their vital research.

So you need to do logical segmentation, write a headline for each paragraph to let the readers understand the content easily. At the same time, you need to organize the article with title tags (H2, H3 …) to help search engines simply identify the structure and main content that you want to mention.

One thing to keep in mind when segmenting, you avoid distorting paragraphs vertically. That means that you do not write a section too long, and the other ones are too short. If that happens, it makes your post disproportionate for the naked eyes and search engines. The search engines will be difficult to identify the main content that you want to mention in the article, so it is hard to value the content writing.

6. Insert appropriate images to describe the content

Images help describe the content more clearly and make the post more interesting for readers. However, you should not use too many pictures if you do not want the article content to be fragmented.

The rate of inserting images of 250 words per photo is good. However, this ratio is the only relative, it is because sometimes you need more photos suing for in tutorial articles, or fewer images for posts that need explanation.

When using photos for the description in the article, you should also choose clear, beautiful images. So, readers will easily share the image on social networks, this is very helpful for promoting the content.

7. Ensure the consistency of the article

Consistency should be put into the intention of the article to increase the power of content and ideas. Consistency is reflected in both the content and tone of the words.

Content must tell about the main object and meanings that you want to express in the article. Although the essay may have many ideas, all ideas must explain a specific goal. If you have many conflicting ideas, you should split them into multiple posts.

You should do the same way with the tone of the article. The article should be in a consistent style and tone. You can not joke and sarcasm for an analysis article, but let it be neutral. You should not put your feelings into words about service manuals, but the tone should be objective.

Unless you’re writing a long story, you can use many different voices and opinions. When you write SEO-oriented articles, it is advisable to use only one tone and expression around a major issue.

8. Pay attention to the end of an article

For many articles, an ending will not be necessary. However, with analytic or debate posts, it is very important to help readers understand what your intention in the summary is to emphasize.

Many readers just skim the title and opening of the article. Then, they will come to the end of a post to see the exact purpose of the author. Unless they realize the importance of the issue, they will not come back to read the content carefully.

Therefore, the conclusion should focus on giving essential ideas to grasp in the article and appropriate advice that readers are hard to find elsewhere.

9. Ask questions at the end of a post

A question is good to express the writer’s communication with the readers. Sometimes the question is also a call-to-action that you want viewers to do. This helps the interaction of the readers with the content more. And that is what search engines appreciate because it thinks readers are interested in the content just mentioned.

For example, with the following question: 

  • Do you have any other ideas about SEO skills? 
  • Do you have questions about SEO writing? Please leave your ideas at the comment!
  • Which point of SEO skill did you miss?

The above approach will increase the interaction between readers and the article. That is one of the plus points for evaluating the content of a post on Google.

10. Focus on your expertise

Almost any content has more or fewer articles hosted somewhere on the internet. Content creation is now extremely difficult to create completely new content.

So, when you start writing anything, you need to research carefully and become an expert in that field. Then your article has depth, making it different from the others.

When content writing gains difference and expertise, readers and search engines will appreciate your article. The ability to rank higher on search engines for your efforts is huge.

What do you think about the guides to writing SEO content?

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