7 factors to select a good WordPress hosting

Many elements influence on choosing a good hosting for WordPress websites. Luckily, we find out seven essential factors below that are necessary to think about to select a suitable hosting.

factors to select a good WordPress hosting

1. Estimate the possible funding for each month

Estimating funding is the first thing you need to keep in mind when choosing to buy a WordPress hosting. It is because, on the market today, there are a lot of suppliers with prices ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars a month.

Know your correct budget so that you can keep your website hosting uninterrupted monthly and yearly. At the same time, you don’t worry too much about paying for hosting to focus on your web development and business more efficiently.

The first advice I usually advise any customer is not to think about choosing a free WordPress hosting. This host will ruin your business and waste your time.

2. Determine the geographic area of your customers

When doing any web development or business, do you need to know who are your potential customers and know where your current guests are? Is that right?

Determining the living area of customers is very important in choosing a server or hosting location to speed up website loading. This feature helps customers to quickly reach your website and also increases efficiency when you work to promote your website to the readers.

Knowing your customers in Asia, Europe, America, or Africa is essential to finding suppliers in that continent. Next, if you limit the smaller partition of the customer you are targeting, then it is great. What country are they in, and maybe which city? This thing allows you to immediately find the supplier at the exact location closest to the customers.

3. Estimate current and future storage capacity

How big is your current WordPress site? How many Gb it is? Then, you will know how much hosting storage capacity you need.

However, it should be noted that if your website has 1Gb current capacity, you should not choose 1Gb hosting. It is better you have to estimate the growth of your website over the next few months to a year.

For those who are just starting to create a WordPress website for individuals or small businesses, usually hosting with 5Gb capacity is enough to run.

However, I recommend that you choose a minimum of 10 Gb hosting so that you do not pay too much attention to the capacity within a year. Therefore, you can spend your valuable time on the business and development of web content, SEO, and marketing.

If your site is image-oriented, then in the first starting, you should choose a host at least 20 Gb. If it is lower than 20 Gb, the host will get full of the number of images quickly.

4. Evaluate the number of hits and users

If you are starting with building web and developing content slowly, then you do not need to mind this feature much.

However, if you are estimating the readers to be 30,000 per month over the next three to six months, then you need to be mindful of the number of visitors.

Some providers limit bandwidth capacity. Bandwidth is usually calculated on how much Gb your website loads in a month.

Estimated bandwidth = number of monthly visitors x your average webpage size x 3 (approximate average number of page views) x 1.3% (30% more bandwidth than usual).

You will estimate how much of your website is, from which you will choose the appropriate amount of bandwidth.

One note that many providers advertise unlimited bandwidth. You have to be careful with this ad as nothing is infinitive. It gives you unlimited levels in the limitation of RAM and transmission limits. So, you need to be aware of this issue.

5. See reviews about suppliers

The real reviews of customers about the hosting providers also contribute greatly to the decision which providers are good or not?

If the provider has a score of 4.5/5 is ok, a 4.7 out of 5 is excellent. However, you must see multiple responses to be able to confirm exactly that the hosting provider’s strengths match your requirements.

Reading reviews takes a lot of time and is probably not something everyone wants. Therefore, to save your valuable time, I have an introduction to how good WordPress hosting providers are for you to choose. Please see good WordPress hosting providers here.

6. Pay attention to support

You are a new customer with your supplier. Surely, you will need more or less support. Therefore, you should also consider the supportability of the hosting provider.

Support must be enthusiastic and professional, helping you to quickly solve problems that you cannot fix on your own. It is best to choose a WordPress hosting provider that includes 24/24 live chat and ticket support.

7. Hosting support for WordPress source code

This feature is an essential element to keep your WordPress website running smoothly. This factor is vital, but I let this is the last because most hosting providers today integrate WordPress for hosting and running the WordPress source code. So you do not worry too much.

However, to be sure all things come right, you also need to check whether the provider is suitable for WordPress to avoid any regrets. Just a glance, and if you see the WordPress icon on their website, then that’s ok.

These basic factors can lead you to choose a good hosting provider to run your WordPress websites.

Hopefully, you can start limiting your coverage and choosing the right place to store your online content.

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