Design a website on demand vs an available template

No matter how big or small your business is, you also need to have a website to advertise your brand.

The website is also considered the face of the company.

But when starting to design your own website, countless problems come to surround you.

A perfect website is great to convey business information to customers, but still friendly.

Currently, there are two types of web design: customized web design and template web design. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Have you ever wondered which type of design is best for your business? So what is the difference between them? I will answer the above questions below. Let’s find out together.

  1. What is a website?
  2. A customizable website design vs available template website
    1. Design a website according to an available template
    2. Website design on demand
  3. Choose to make a custom website or use an existing template?
design website

1. What is a website?

I want to give a brief overview of this word for those who do not know. A website is a channel used to introduce and promote the operating model of a large or small business or store to customers.

This information channel plays an indispensable role in most businesses that are on the way to building and developing brands.

Websites are also divided into 4 main categories: Personal Websites, Commercial Websites, Government Websites, and Nonprofit Organization Websites.

2. A customizable website design vs available template website

2.1 Design a website according to an available template

available template

Back to the main problem, for website design according to the available templates, the most popular way today is for users to just set up a WordPress site to buy from ElegantThem, ThemeForest, Monster Monster, …

WordPress platform is an open-source to run websites. It means that WordPress includes an existing source code for the core of the website, which can still be customized and adjusted easily if you have enough coding skills.

WordPress (WP) interface can be considered the easiest website platform to use. Users can use different templates to choose from theme suppliers.

However, not all themes or templates can fully meet 100% of customer requirements. Some service request templates must be highly customized, requiring programmers or web developers.

Besides, other services like Wix or Squarespace also provide ready-made web templates and allow customers to edit according to the website framework. These suppliers can also help you conveniently create a website quickly and easily.

On the other hand, there are websites with cheap templates on the market (from 19 USD to 35USD), most of which are old-fashioned web templates.

Some of these designs can not be particularly relevant to your business. Therefore, you may have to spend more money to edit it.

So, I do not recommend using old themes. Get newly available templates so that you can get new features and better web security and user experience.

Advantages of using available templates:

  • The design according to the available templates will save maximum time.
  • Suitable for low budget, has a cheaper cost than customized themes.
  • Features are usually simple and easy to use.


  • Because it is a template that is available, your website template will be duplicated template with many other companies.
  • In addition, the ready-made templates will mostly be limited in terms of features, so you need to add more features for your needs.
  • Some of the available website templates almost always have a fairly low-security interface. So, you need to buy available at the good quality marketplaces.

>>> You may learn how to create a page with brizy page builder plugin.

2.2 Website design on demand

customize website

These websites are customized and designed by a website design company behind your business. This is also called a tailor-made website design.

Custom-tailored web design can bring the brand’s personality, helping to leave a deep impression in the hearts of customers.

Every feature of your company is consulted and analyzed specifically to make the most perfect and aesthetic choices for the design, from the overall interface, color, function, and layout.

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays an important role in developing web design as a lever to promote the success of any website.

There are several rules when it comes to building a customized website, and not every sample site is capable of following them.

Perhaps that’s also the reason why websites designed on-demand stand out although their price is much higher than available ones.

Web-designed firms will optimize images and other parts of websites, so customed-built websites often have a good chance to get a higher position on the system rankings.

Custom-built websites will take longer than pre-built templates.

Custom website design that interacts well with almost all devices such as browsers, tablets, laptops, phones, etc.

But, the most customized designs also originate from a basic available temple, the developers will customize the features suitable for your company.


  • One thing is for sure, your website will become extremely unique thanks to consultation and a harmonious combination of your brand and business requirements.
  • A bright and elegant website can help you showcase your company’s distinct professionalism.
  • Ensure high security.
  • Another point is that these websites will fully cover and adapt the features you want, both SEO and Marketing support.
  • These sites are also built to be search engine friendly, working well on all browsers.
  • The website grows with your business.
  • web design companies are willing to help you when you have problems with your website.


  • Designing a website on demand definitely costs more than a sample website.
  • The time in the process of building a customized website is also longer, but it will be well worth the investment.

3. Choose to make a custom website or use an existing template?

Designing websites on-demand or making websites according to templates all have their own outstanding features for you to choose according to each element you want.

But you also need to really consider and pay attention, custom website design is still appreciated in most aspects. A custom website can give you the creative freedom to express your style to make it perfect for you.

However, many available templates are very modern and stylish, which can fix a part of your need. Then, you can require the website developers to help you fix the features you need. In this way, you can save a lot of money but still have a beautiful site.

A professional web developer can make your website stand out, brilliant, beautiful even with an available template or customized design.

So, depending on your budget and brand development, you can choose from a ready-made template website or a customized one.

The most important is to come to hire the right developer with knowledge of SEO.

>>> After having a good website, you can want to check methods to secure your website effectively.

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