Choose the best blogging platform to start a blog or website

Although social networks such as Facebook or Twitter have become quite popular in life, many people sill like to have a blog because of personal habit, easy way to focus on their own topics, or the thought of spreading business in the future.

Thus, many websites run useful blog platforms for bloggers to create content for their readers’ groups. Here are the best blogging platforms which you may need it.

1. Blogger

Blogger used for many beginners because of a free blogging platform, which is managed by Google. With, users can create a blog very quickly and easily with few steps, not need any skills of technology.

As the same with other platforms, the blogger has some advantages and disadvantages that you need to know before starting with it.

The advantages of

  • It is totally free. You can earn money with your blogger when it has good traffic.
  • You can connect your blog on the blogger with your own domain, not need to pay extra for hosting. Despite this, you need to pay for the domain.
  • It is easy to use and manage the content and design, no coding skills required. However, when knowing some advanced knowledge, that is better.
  • As the offspring of Google, the blogger has ultra-fast speed, absolute safety. Many prefer blogs to SEO skills and other uses.

Cons of

  • Blogger limits tools when you want to develop it more. You can meet difficulty to add new features.
  • Interface templates are limited, and there are not many themes to choose from for your blog like WordPress.
  • This one is managed by Google, so when your Gmail to login into the blogger is locked, it seems that you lose your management of that blog.
  • The features are slow to change with the development of the internet. Thus, if you need some stable works, the blogger is good, but you need your face of the blog looking more modern and different styles, you may choose different flatform.

2. WordPress

WordPress has two different platforms: and is an online platform, including free and paid options. You can get free with limited features at under subdomain such as

When you want to use your own domain, you need to upgrade to premium with more features and add your domain to connect with the content saving on

And, is an open-source platform that is nearly 100% free of charge.

What does it mean when I say it is nearly free service?

It is because supplies free flatform that is developed by hundreds of professional coders. does not charge you any cents. It has a lot of free templates and plugins which support to develop and manage your blog easier than on

However, there are many premium themes and plugins with advanced features that you will pay to use, and these services make your website run faster and look more professional on the internet environment.

The top advantage of is highly customizable. Otherwise, you need to know some skills to customize and redesign your blog, which is difficult for amateur users.

Despite that, is still one of the most popular platforms until now, and it is suitable for small and big companies to build a highly complex website.

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3. Medium

Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone have launched a fairly simple new blogging platform, called Medium.

The goal is to allow users to publish the content they like and share it with others who share the same idea. It is because Medium can group the articles with the same ideas together.

Medium is a great blogging platform for those who love writing, it only focuses on text and images. Besides, you can use Medium to share photo collections, projects and invite people with the same ideas to contribute comments.

With the Medium platform, writers can make money right on their own blog, if your article is valuable and has a lot of hits.

On Medium, you can find many experts in different fields with very useful professional knowledge. With some posts, you need to pay for a premium account to read them. That is a way you can earn from Medium form your content as well.

The disadvantage of Medium is that you cannot customize the interface because it is the default. You can not manage your blog separately as a personal website, such you host it with, so you cannot install any extra plugins.

4. Quora

Quora is a famous question and answer system (Q&A), that supports internet users to find and share knowledge easily. Quora has a large community with lots of content shared.

Besides, Quora users can set up a blog to facilitate their knowledge and talents on topics of interest.

Topics on Quora is easy for bloggers to find information and share content with the community. Articles using this platform will be divided by content tags to help the community easily find the content they like to comment.

However, Quora does not allow customization of interface and adding domain name. So, the articles lack aesthetic beauty. Compared to Medium, the article layout on Medium is much nicer than Quora.

Actually, it is because Quora has a lot of users and I just recommend you to lean on this community to develop your readers’ group. For other features, I do not recommend you to use it to think of your own bigger blog in the future.

5. Wix

Wix or is one of a famous and easy blog platform. You can create a blog for free by answering each question of the Wix platform. Wix will automatically install a layout of a blog for you. With Wix, you can customize the interface, background color, widgets, and other things more easily by drag and drop.

Wix is suitable for creating a personal blog, personal portfolio, business websites, or even e-commerce websites. Besides the available layout the Wix installs, you can choose and design on the layouts that you want.

You may want to read the guide to using Wix platform.

However, there are disadvantages. When you want to use your own domain or enlarge your space to save content on Wix, it costs a lot of money. If comparing with, Wix does not have large numbers of users, and not many add-ons (plugins in WP) or special features to develop websites like WordPress.

But, Wix still has own users because of highlights of building a blog with drag and drop features, not need to know any codes.

So, these are few words to take away before you choose the best blogging platform to begin your blog or website.

Each platform has different features with advantages and limits. Thus, choose the best blogging platform that suitable for your needs and coding ability, and you need to check these flatforms carefully.

For me, I always recommend choosing which I have used for many years. WP has great features and it’s easy to do search engine optimization to rank the posts higher on google. However, you need to have some coding skills and the ability to customize themes and manage WordPress hosting.

For beginners without knowing coding, Wix or blogger is a good choice to step on the internet and online content.

Which blogging platform will you choose to start?

Do you have any questions or ideas to discuss? Please leave it below!

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