How to set up the external email in VestaCP on VPS

When you want a website to use the external email server from VPS, you need to configure the DSN parameters on VestaCP. These steps apply to the Ubuntu 16.04 version and over.

External Email

Configure DNS for the external email in VestaCP on VPS

  1. Log in to the Control panel of your website on Vestacp.
  2. Click on the DNS tap.
  3. Click on the LIST RECORDS tap of the domain that you want to use the external email server.
  4. Locate and replace the IP address in the two records below to your external mail server IP. Please note: The IP is an example.
    • mail A
    • smtp A
  5. Find and replace the email domain in the record below to your domain name of the external mail server. Please note: the email domain is an example, that you need to change into yours. Do not delete a dot (.) at the end domain.
    • @ MX

Then, save it. You have just finished configuring the DNS parameters to use external emails that are different from the VPS hosting.
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