6 mistakes to lose customers easily

Many studies show that the cost of maintaining an old customer is 5 times less than attracting a new guest.

However, plenty of shop owners only focus on sales, not customer service. Therefore, existing users go away.

Here are 6 common mistakes making customers never come back, and the way how to fix them.

Need good customer services

1. Selling prices too high compared to other owners

Obviously, most customers will turn to other vendors if they find your products too expensive.

Today’s users can search and check almost everything selling online. They easily find other companies offering the same product to compare prices.

How to fix: You need to observe the market and competitors for price adjustments at a suitable level.

If you’re not the cheapest seller, keep the price competitive with impressive service, or create a great experience for shopping. Customers will be happy and feel your products or services valuable with their money.

2. Slow reply on message and order

Time is money. That’s why fast food, online shopping, and 24-hour delivery have become so popular. Most people want to use quick services and don’t like to wait when they need something or support.

Typically, customers preview the product online before ordering or visiting the landing store. They often leave messages or comments on prices, models, shipping methods, or advice.

If it is too long to see your reply, they’ll find another shop or even forget about this need.

Badly, orders and phone numbers will be seen by the competitors if they reply to your fan page and you do not know how to hide these comments.

How to fix: You have to reply fast the requests of customers. You can set up an automatic reply to what the guests often ask.

3. Having direct competitors

Fast-selling products, services, and ideas will create competition in the market. Maybe many competitors will imitate you.

How to fix: When this happens, you must continue to adjust and find ways to improve your product.

Try new ideas they don’t have, and even find ways to improve the services or products of competitors.

Offer promotions for customers to make a leap. Do not leave your business career in place.

4. Bad telling from rude workers

Sadly, not every employee you hire works well. Many cases of customers complaining about an employee with an impolite, disrespectful attitude. This way is a bad sign to lose your guests.

How to fix: If your clients have frequent feedback on this, you need to fix your staff. If you can’t improve, don’t try to keep a weak employee because you hope he or she can succeed or it is for some personal reasons. A bad worker is both costly and affects your business.

Many stores have products or prices that do not stand out more than others. However, their staff can create a good impression with the customers, so they want to return for shopping. For example, you can train the staff to support guests from outside (help them to park the cars), welcome with smiles, a guide to go easily…

And lastly, standards of communication with customers should be developed into a set of rules and trained for all employees.

5. Having defective products

Although the problematic product is not always your fault, the feedback from clients and fixing the errors are almost always necessary.

Defects and problems often cause customers to be dissatisfied because the product often cannot be used as expected. Thus, you have to mind this problem.

How to fix: If it is your fault, try to resolve it as soon as possible. By all means, you need to listen and fix problems in the interests of customers.

6. Spreading words of bad news

One of the biggest reasons to attract or lose customers is to share information from the people who have used the product.

Nowadays, when online review websites are developed, users can easily leave negative comments and scores for the negative experiences they have.

Bad feedback spreads extremely fast through social media, especially Facebook and other social networks.

How to fix: You have to reply to these comments with a positive attitude and promise of fixing the issues. Never fight against the words of users.

In addition, there are many other errors that make customers unlike your business:

  • Seller lacks the knowledge to advise on products
  • Poor packaging, bad designs
  • Slow delivery, confusing information
  • Do not exchange, warranty for what you offer
  • There are no goods in the warehouse enough to supply customers’ inquiries.

You may read understanding the customer needs.

The above evidence helps you find the mistakes that you have encountered. Start by ensuring you are making your customers happy to have positive feedback and sharing.

Offering coupons or rewards to users, giving a good experience are the good methods to retain them. Having promotions to encourage users to share information with others.

At the same time, interact with customers and learn from negative feedback to train employees and yourself to avoid initial mistakes, and limit these mistakes with other clients.

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