What information should you put on the contact page?

information on contact page

A contact page on a website is essential for visitors to get in touch with you or your organization.

Here’s the information that should be included on a contact page:

  1. Contact Form: Provide a user-friendly contact form that visitors can fill out. This form should ask for their name, email address, subject, and message. Having a form makes it easy for visitors to reach out without needing to open their email client.
  2. Email Address: Display a visible email address for general inquiries. This helps visitors who prefer sending direct emails to contacting through a form.
  3. Phone Number: If applicable, include a phone number for inquiries or support. This adds a personal touch and is particularly important for businesses that offer customer service over the phone.
  4. Physical Address: If you have a physical location, include the full address with city, state, and postal code. This is important for local businesses or if customers might need to visit you in person.
  5. Social Media Links: Include links to your social media profiles. This allows visitors to connect with you on various platforms and can help build a stronger online presence.
  6. Map: If you have a physical location, embedding a Google Map with a pin on your address can be very helpful for visitors who want to find you.
  7. Business Hours: If you have set business hours, display them on the contact page. This way, visitors know when they can expect to receive a response.
  8. FAQs or Help Section: Consider including a section with frequently asked questions or common inquiries. This can help visitors find answers without having to contact you directly.
  9. Privacy Policy: Link to your website’s privacy policy. This is important to assure visitors that their information will be handled responsibly.
  10. Confirmation Message: After someone submits a contact form, display a thank-you or confirmation message to let them know their message was received.
  11. Alternative Communication Methods: If you use messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram for business purposes, you could provide links for these platforms as well.

Remember, the goal of a contact page, which is different from a home page, is to make it easy for readers to reach you in an easy way that suits them best. Keep the layout clean and organized, and ensure that the information is accurate and up-to-date.

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