Semrush vs Ahrefs: Which SEO tool will you choose?

Comparing Semrush vs Ahrefs for SEO beginners can be tricky. Both tools offer a wide range of features, making it difficult to decide which one is better suited for your needs.

semrush vs ahrefs seo tools

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the pricing, customer support, keyword research capabilities, dashboard useability, backlink tracking as well as site auditing features offered by both Ahrefs and Semrush. Then, you can make an informed decision when choosing between them.


When it comes to pricing plans both Semrush and Ahrefs have several options available. It depends on what you need from their services. But overall they are fairly similar in terms of cost with neither being significantly cheaper than the other.

However, if budget is an important factor then there are some differences worth considering, such as whether or not certain add-ons like extra users or data usage limits will be necessary for your particular project.

These add-ons may end up costing more with one tool than another so make sure to do your research before committing to any plan to get the best value possible.

Here is the table of prices of these two SEO tools:

First option$119.95$99
Second option$229.95$199
Third option$449.95$399
Fourth option $999

Customer Support

Customer support should also be taken into consideration when comparing these two platforms. Both of them can offer reliable help whatever the success or failure when using their SEO tools.

It means both companies give excellent customer service via phone – email – live chat. So, you can get answers quickly and easily no matter what issue arises.

Keyword Research Capabilities

Both provide comprehensive keyword research capabilities with each offering its own unique set of features. These are designed specifically for helping marketers find relevant keywords based on search volume trends or related topics etc.

However, they differ most noticeably in their ability to track competitor rankings. While Ahrefs offers detailed insights into this area, Semrsuh does not – providing only basic information about competitors’ ranking positions instead.

Thus, if tracking competitor rankings accurately is important then Ahrefs would likely come out ahead here.

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Dashboard Use

Both Semrush and Ahrefs have user-friendly dashboards with easy-to-navigate menus. This feature makes finding what you need quick and straightforward.

However, when it comes to customization options, such as custom reports or data visualization tools like graphs or charts, Semrush has the edge over another one in this area.

It is because due to its range of customizable widgets on Semrush, which allows you greater control over how to view the data within the platform itself.

Another point in this feature comes that, the dashboard for both tools have the difference, for instance, Semrush provides quick links directly into various reports within their interface; whereas, Ahrefs displays real-time updates about changes happening across sites such as newly acquired or lost backlinks or rankings drops.

Backlink Tracking

When comparing both platforms side by side on backlinks analysis, Ahrefs stands out from Semrush. It is thanks largely due to its ability to track far more referring domains than any other tool currently on market.

It also offers detailed information about every link including anchor text used, follow/nofollow status, last time seen, etc. This feature on Ahrefs can make it easier to identify potential bad links quickly as well as opportunities to improve existing ones further if needed.

On top of this, Ahref’s automated broken link checker feature makes sure all links going out from the website remain in working order without manual effort. This can help to monitor them constantly or manually.

Site Auditing Features

Finally, when looking at overall suite audit-related functionalities between the two, Semrush comes ahead. It again offers a full range of technical checks covering everything, including title tags, meta descriptions, content duplication issues, crawl-ability errors, and much more…

These are good to allow spot problems quickly fix them accordingly, which contributes to improving ranking performance long SEO run.

In addition, the On-Page Optimization module provides useful recommendations based on individual pages being analyzed. Then, you can check for clear ideas where improvement.

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Overall while both platforms offer great advantages depending on needs and requirements. They may differ slightly from a person, but generally speaking, considering ease of use and beginner-friendly nature, both SemRush Ahref stand on equal footing when comes to providing comprehensive Seo solutions to anyone. However, for personal love, I like to use SemRush more than the other one.

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