Page Builder Plugins: Their Pros and Cons and Which to Choose from

page builder plugin

Using a WordPress page builder plugin can help you create a beautiful web page without knowing to code.

In this article, we will tell you more about this plugin, including:

  • More details of the benefit of using a page builder plugin,
  • Negative sides that you need to pay attention to, and
  • The top five page builders for WordPress for you to choose from.

Now let’s go deeper!

1. Positive sides

The general benefits of WordPress page builders include reduced development time, the ability to create complex designs with ease, and improved user experience. Page builders also make it easier to keep your website up to date, as you can easily make changes without the need for coding.

pros of page builder plugin

1.1. Reduce development time

The reasons this kind of plugin can reduce development time are to allow you to quickly build and design pages without needing to write code. With a page builder plugin, you can drag and drop elements onto a page, customize them with a visual editor, and preview the results in real-time. Additionally, many plugins come with a library of pre-made templates, so you can quickly build a page from a pre-made template and customize it to fit your needs. Page builder plugins can also help you optimize your pages for SEO and speed, helping to save you time in the long run.

1.2. Create a complex design easily

Providing a visual editor allows you to drag and drop elements onto a page and customize them with a few clicks, which is a good chance to make your complex tasks on website design simple. Additionally, many pre-made templates support you to get perfect works from the talents of designers from plugin companies. Then, you can create difficult requests without needing to manually work on each element.

1.3. Keep your site up-to-date simply

This kind of plugin can be a great asset to keep their site up-to-date with minimal effort, without needing any coding knowledge. They are also incredibly user-friendly, allowing anyone regardless of skill level the ability to quickly and easily build new pages or add any new parts for posts smoothly. It is a great way for website owners to get a chance to keep their sites updated, which helps increase UX and search engine rankings.

2. Negative sides of using page builders plugins for a website

cons of page builder plugins

Some of the potential drawbacks of using a WordPress page builder plugin include:

2.1. Increased complexity for first times used

WordPress page builders are often more complex than the traditional designs, which may make them difficult to use for some people who have just used any page builder plugin the first few times. It means the developers have to study how to use it because each plugin has different rules to manage.

2.2. Performance issues

It is because page builders add extra code to a page, they can slow down the loading times and affect the overall performance of a website. If you build a website for optimizing the homepage or any specific pages for fast speed load, please pay attention to this negative feature.

2.3. Limited customization

While page builders can often help with the design of a page, they may limit the amount of customization and control you have over the final product. That reason is that many plugins for building pages are published and maintained in the current designing market. Each one has a few strong features, which do not present in the other plugins.

2.4. Security concerns

It is because page builders often add extra code and scripts to a page, they can potentially introduce security vulnerabilities. So, you have to keep your eyes wide in finding any errors from these builders and update them on time to keep your site running safely.

3. Five best page builder plugins for WordPress Websites

There are several amazing page builder plugins available for WordPress that make creating customized pages fast and easy.

3.1. Elementor

elementor page builder plugin

Elementor is an intuitive drag-and-drop page builder that allows users to quickly create stunning pages with ease. It features customizable templates, widgets, sections, and columns.

All of them can be used to build beautiful WordPress websites in any kind of layout imaginable. Plus it also comes with advanced design tools like parallax backgrounds, video backgrounds, and more.

This plugin has lightweight for optimizing your website speed, which does not influence your loading time much.

3.2. WP Beaver Builder

wp beaver builder

Beaver Builder is another great plugin offering lots of customization options, such as adding images or text boxes easily without having any coding knowledge required.

Its interface makes it very user-friendly while still allowing powerful functionality when building out complex designs.

 If you’re looking for something both beginner-friendly and feature-rich at the same time, you can come up with Beaver Builder.

3.3. Divi Builder

divi page builder plugin

Divi Builder belonging to Elegant Themes offers an incredibly powerful set of tools designed specifically for designing professional websites. From scratch or by using prebuilt modules & themes within their library, this plugin becomes a great choice if want something more than just basic customization options.

Its real highlight point has got to be its visual editor which lets users see what their changes look like before committing them live.

Although the backend of Divi Builder seems slow, back-end web pages can come quickly. You can have peace of mind for speed optimization.

3.4. Gutenberg

gutenberg page builder

Gutenberg may not have all the nice features that other builders offer but where it really shines is its simplicity. Gutenberg can use blocks (elements) to add content directly into a post/page without needing to switch back and forth between different tabs/sections. So, this plugin makes editing much faster and easier compared to traditional WYSIWYG editors found elsewhere online today.

This plugin gives less confusion to beginners who might otherwise struggle to keep track of multiple settings across several windows. However, when needing more complex designs, Gutenberg becomes harder for beginners. It means for simple work is good but for deeper designing requests, this plugin is not suitable for amateur developers.

3.5. SiteOrigin Page Builder

  • Free and paid add-on for the plugin
  • Paid add-on plugin: from 29USD/year for 1 site
  • Website:
SiteOrigin Page Builder

This powerful tool allows users complete control over how their pages look by giving them access to various widgets. They can add to their designs along with full customization capabilities, such as changing fonts colors backgrounds, etc…

These features combined make SiteOrigin one heck of a powerhouse when designing websites from scratch without needing any prior knowledge about HTML CSS JavaScript etc…

The frontend pages created by this plugin look flexible, but the backend and codes of SiteOrigin Page Builder are very complex. You need to learn a lot when starting where their functions are for the first use times. And, you also keep an eye on loading speed because its codes are difficult.


Choosing a WordPress Page Builder over traditional methods such as HTML/CSS code editing tools will save both money and valuable development time.

Besides, the builder plugins can provide high-quality results without having any advanced technical know-how about coding languages.

It also makes keeping your website up to date quick and simple so everyone can enjoy their favorite content, which can contribute to increasing search engine rankings.

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