FAQ Schema Generator Json

This small tool helps you generate Schema for FAQs with Json-LD codes. When you have FAQ Schema in your articles, they will have rich results in Google search pages. The FAQ Schema Generator Json is easy to use, which can reduce FAQ Schema errors, compared with manual work.
You just need to enter the question and answer in the form below. The tools will automatically mark up the Shema structure with Json-LD codes.
Choose the "Add +" button if you want to add more Frequently Asked Questions as much as you want to create.
Then, select the "Copy Schema" button. And a form will ask you to confirm the copy of FAQ Schema codes. Click on "Ok".
That is already to paste the FAQ Schema Markup into your posts of pages. Please use HTML mode when you paste these codes into your articles to get better results. Quick guide: Add questions and answers => Copy Schema => Ok. Paste it on your page.


JSON-LD FAQ Schema Code