Delete Google Analytics Account GA4 in Step by Step with photos

Following these steps by steps allows you to delete Google Analytics Account with GA4. Besides, you can find how you can restore it if your mistake happens.

1. Login your Google Analytics with your main admin account

2. Choose the account that you want to delete.

google analytic delete 1

3. Then, select “Account details” tab on the left-down menu. After that, you will see the button “Move to Trash Can” on the top-right corner. Click on it.

delete google analytics

4. After click on the “Move to Trash Can” button. Another page will appear to ask you to confirm this task.

Select the “Trash Account” button to confirm the action.

delete google analytics GA4

You finish deleting Google Analytics 4 Account.

Google Analytics Account often keeps useful information that tells about your website.

In case, this action is a mistake. You can restore your account before 35 days. I recommend you restore it as soon as you recognize your mistake to avoid losing it.

Here is the step to resort Google Analytics 4.

5. Select account that you has just deleted. It has the “Strikethrough” on the account name.

restore google analytics 4

Then, select “Go to Trash”.

6. After going to the trash, you click to choose the acount to see a “Restore” button. Select the “Restore” to finish recovering your Google Analytics GA4 Account.

restore google analytics ga4

Enjoy your work!

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