The best tools for SEO and Web Developers

Working in the SEO field needs supported tools that can save a lot of time.

I list the useful urls that help me during doing optimization of websites.

best tools for seo and web developer

1. Check plagiarism

Plagiarism can ruin a post. For marketing content, you may pay attention to this feature to avoid falling into the copied trap. You cannot check plagiarism manually, so these tools can support you. – Free tool – Free tool – Paid tool

2. Color Scheme

The colors of the text, background, and menu… can influence the user experience. When optimizing the web posts, you also need to keep an eye on the color scheme to make your site more attractive and easier to read.

You can use this website to pick the correct colors to use: – Free website lists the color scheme that is useful to make elements on the website harmonious. – Free online tool to pick the color that you like from other websites or photos. It’s easy to get the correct color from one website you like to have.

Besides, a website can help you create some style of CSS to improve UX for your page. You may choose various styles of CSS when hovering the mouse. Please check this

3. Check the IP of a website

Finding out the IP of a website that can support you to know where it is. Then, you can understand if its location is suitable for improving speed loading.

You may want to come to host check and enter the domain a website, then click on the “info” button. The information will show out.

4. Find Websites on the Same IP

Checking which websites are hosted on the same IP can be useful when your site stays on shared hosting. You may want to know who are your web neighbors, which can influence your website speed and ranking as well. – that allows you to find sites at the same IP or server. It’s free for up to 1000 websites, then you can pay to get more information. – Free tool to check ip or domain to know which is the same IP or server. It’s free to list up to 2000 websites.

5. Keyword checker

Finding keywords is common to work for writing SEO content. You can use different keyword checker tools from free to paid ones, each tool gives various purposes.

Google keyword planner tool stays on the top list when it’s free and does not limit to finding keywords or websites per day.

Another keyword tool is also free. This tool is built based on the Google keyword planner, but you do not need to log in to use it.

More advanced keyword search comes with Ubersuggest of Neilpatel, which limits you to finding only 3 keywords and sites per day. Then, if you want to use more, you have to pay to unlock more activities.

Besides, you can use to generate keywords for writing.

6. SSL Checker

SSL is one of the vital parts to make sure your website safe for users, which helps your website can be easier to run smoothly on a few browsers, and the first one to start your e-commerce sites.

But, when installing SSL, it can go wrong. Use this to check:

After that, you may know whether your hosting can open http/2 or not. Please use this tool

7. Email checker

Ip spam can devalue your website, reducing your rank. Typically, when you deploy VPS, it’s easy to get rubbish ip. Check it carefully and decide if you want to keep that IP with the server.

Using these tools to find out which IP is blacklisted. Recommended to use all two websites to check.

Which tool will you use for your SEO or support your website design?

If you find an useful tool, please share with us! Thank you!

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