6 things you don’t owe, so you needn’t explain to anyone

You can’t please everyone, so there are things you don’t need to explain to anyone.

1. You owe no one explanation about your life.

You grow up, you know how to love, you choose to live together before marriage, you choose to be independent of your family even after you turn 20 years old…
There are tons of harsh words and unkind judgments for you by people who don’t understand who you are.

You do not need to waste your explanation, as long as you have full knowledge, you don’t do bad things, or take advantage of anyone. That is great, it’s your life. And, not many people dare to come into real life like you.

2. You owe no apology if you are truly not at fault.

When you feel you’ve done the right thing, you don’t regret your behavior, you think you don’t care about the other’s forgiveness because you’re not wrong – there’s no need to apologize.

Not any mistake, any pain can be repaired, healed by the words “sorry”.
Before the story is resolved, don’t use the word “sorry” to beg for forgiveness from the other person while you’re not wrong, and that person doesn’t want to hear it.

3. You owe no one an explanation of your love relationship.

Many people tell you that your partner is not suitable, your family background and education level are also inadequate, obviously not a perfect couple, they recommend that you find another suitable one.

You do not change the heart because of irony. You cannot always explain to each person about your relationship. Only you know what the other person is like, and who you choose, and love is your freedom.

4. You owe no one explanation for your career and work.

Many people judge you as a fly-dancer. You change the jobs a lot and do not know what it will be like.

If you hear those words, just smile and walk away. Youth is a good time for you to try new things that are never found in books.

Changing to know what your true passion is and what you need to aim for. It is not sure that doing a job is right, because many people do not dare to give up their old jobs to try new things, and because sometimes they do not know what they want.

5. You owe no one “why I’m alone” explanation.

Being single is normal, it doesn’t mean you have a problem with your gender. Many people love being alone. They don’t want to be attached, to be controlled, and to share their love with someone else.

If being single makes you happy, don’t think too much; it is because when people talk until boredom, they will stop talking.

6. You owe no one explanation of your appearance or beauty.

Whether you are tall or short, chubby or slender, beautiful or just good looking, there is no need to care about everyone’s eyes, or make the effort to explain unfortunate questions such as: “Are you losing weight? You are too small? ”, “When are you going to get married?”, “Why is a shirt boring today?” …

By simple, appearance does not say the true value of a person. When you have tolerance and honesty, you have become the most attractive person.


By Thom Ho

A person, who has developed Wordpress websites for more than 7 years, has experience in SEO skills and Wordpress hostings. I like to write and collect some things meaningful.

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